Friday, October 29, 2010

How to copy Copy Protected VCD

Today i bought a nursery rhymes VCD from the market to my daughter. Even though it playing well with the VCD player, I just wanted to have a copy of that VCD in my laptop as it is easy to play it later on without finding the cd in the rack. Also i am pretty sure that those VCDs might not be able to read after 1 to 2 years time as the low quality of them.

I am using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and i can't play the vcd with the default settings. I tried with VLC and movie player. In movie player it is giving the error massage saying.."Could not read from resource".

With VLC i am getting
"File reading failed:
VLC could not read the file."

These are the step to play/copy the above type of VCDs,
  1. Open linux shell (Application --> Asseseries-->Terminal)
  2. Type "sudo apt-get install vcdimager" and press enter (You need to have internet connection)
  3. Type "vcdxrip". You will get warn massage and wait until it complete the operation and get the cursor on the terminal back to normal.
  4. That's it. Go to the home folder and watch the copied mpg files.

Have fun!!